My Service to you

I would be happy to support you with my extensive experience in the automotive industry, in technology development, in innovation management, in patent management or also in obtaining funding for research and development projects.

  • Where is the automotive industry heading? What impact do the trends in the industry have on your company?
  • How can you profit from the upheavals in the industry?
  • Which technologies will be important for your company and your product portfolio in the future?
  • How do you design your innovation process to identify the relevant technologies in time?
  • How do you expand your product portfolio with new future-oriented products?
  • What is the business case for your product idea?
  • Can your company also benefit from the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • How can you obtain funding to finance the pre-development of new ideas?

I can support you in these topics with my many years of experience and professional expertise.

Just give me a call!